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Coffey County
Crops and Livestock

 Ag>CowsCoffey County with its 8,454 residents is located in east central area of Kansas approximately 80 miles from Missouri  to the east and 100 miles from the Oklahoma border to the south.  The altitude of the county is around 1200 feet above sea level and it receives 37 inches of rainfall.  There are 600 farms utilizing 335,000 acres of land including 176,340 harvested acres of crops and 145,000 acres of pasture.  Livestock production consists mainly of 43,600 head of cattle, with some small scale dairy, swine and, small sheep and goat flocks as well.  The value of harvested crops approximates $45 to $50 million dollars annually with the value of livestock and livestock products including milk range near $40 million dollars per year.

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